Eversummer Days

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Wiki: The Journey

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Scene 5: Onward to the Aqueduct

The next morning, the party wakes up bright and early, meets the gnome engineer in the living room of the inn, and heads out to Sasha's dog sled shop. They meets up with Sasha and a ranger, who prepares two dogs sleds for the travel. After traveling all day, the Sasha and the ranger decides to set up camp at a snow-covered clearing. The party decides to rotate watch shifts. During Kalador's shift, two skeletons almost succeed in ambushing him. Other skeletons quickly surround the party.

The two skeleton entangles Kalador in a melee combat to the death. Kalador strikes one of the skeleton hard before the two skeletons knocks him unconscious. The melee combat wakes up other party members, other than Omex, Sasha, and the ranger.

Just as the dire battle heats up for the rest of the party members, Glamrock casts turn undead and destroys all of the skeletons using the single spell.

Omex finally wakes up. "What are you guys up so early in the morning for?"

There is no more disturbances for the rest of the night. Next morning the party eagerly packs up and heads out toward the aqueduct. By the afternoon, the party sees the aqueduct in the horizon as the dogs pull the sleds steadily ahead.


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