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Scene 31: The Goblin Village

The goblin village looks pretty much like any normal human town. There is very little activity. A well is in the center.

Hiding in the foliage outside, Conner and Dirg manage to talk the party into letting them do a bit of scouting within the town. While everyone else waits, the two of them sneaks into the nearest house.

Inside the closest building, Dirg saw a goblin with its back turned in the next room. So Dirg snuck in and back-stabbed the goblin to death.

In the mean time, Conner searched the house and found the crystal horse.

Outside, the party saw little goblins walking in and out one or two at a time. They wore fancy human-like clothing. One of them walked to the well.

"What's the two of them doing in there?" Glamrock demanded impatiently. "I think they had enough time."

"Perhaps it's time for us to finish our task." Kalador agrees by readying his bow.

"Wait!" Omex exclaims. He pushes Kalador's bow down and put a reassuring hand on Glamrock's shoulder. "Look, there is a human by the well."

"I don't see any humans." Kalador replies. "I see a little goblin by the well."

"Neither do I." Glamrock replies. "I also see a little goblin."

"I know what's going on. This is a trick. I didn't tell you guys earlier, but I casted purify food and drink on my meal."

Before anyone could respond, loud series of bell sounds came from the village. Goblins piled out of the buildings with picks, hoes, and other farming tools.

From the nearest house, Conner and Dirg ran out in opposite directions. Each being chased by a group of goblins.

Only one of the goblins is anywhere close to Conner, so he raises his fist and knocks the goblin to the ground. It seems that he could make it back to the group in one piece.

Dirg wasn't as lucky. He casts sleep and puts two of the goblins to bed. But his casting performance slows him down, allowing other goblins to surround him.

Seeing that Dirg is in trouble, the group sprint out to him a hundred fifty yards away.

Conner sees Dirg's dire situation and turns back as well.

Shinsei is the first on the scene. He knocks two of them to the ground with his fury of blows. Both dies on the spot.

Viren casts a web spell and incapacitates four goblins that is chasing Conner.

In the mean time, Glamrock knocks one of the goblins out, then starts dragging the goblin away from the battle. He wants to question the goblin later.

Shinsei's fury of blows are just too powerful. The goblins die almost instantly with his blows. By then the crowd is under control.

Seeing that none of the humans under the web could move, Omex moves toward one of the unconscious humans. He grabs the human's head by the hair and slaps the face, trying to wake the human up.

The human finally came to, saw Omex, and reached for his weapon. Omex brought his sharp rusty knife up to the human's throat and said, "I'm going to start asking questions. You are you going to answer them. Every time you hesitate, I'm going to slice off a finger."

The human became extremely nervous. Drops of cold sweat beads on his forehead. Omex asks, "What is your name?"

There was no answer. "What is the name of this town?" Still no answer. Frustrated that he already broke one of his promises, Omex nicks one of the human's fingers with the point of his knife.

"Don't!" The human screams.

"Don't what?" Omex screams back.

The human doesn't answer. He is extremely terrified.

Shinsei has just finished letting out his adrenaline. Dead goblins lay all around him. There are few incapacitated ones left. But his conscious forces him to stop.

The human struggles and tries to pull away. But Omex's grip on his hair is too strong. Omex turns the human's head toward Shinsei and says, "Start talking or that crazy monk over there is going to kill you."

That was too much. The human relieved himself of his stomach contents and was trembling like earthquake.

Frustrated, Omex drops the human's head and walks backward toward the retreating group. "Shinsei take this one's life. I'm tired of talking to these hopeless maggots."

Shinsei, realized what he has done, was stunned. The remaining goblins, or humans, picked themselves up and ran.

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