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Wiki: The Journey

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Scene 30: Old Lady's House

In the morning, the party members wakes up refreshed and ready for a full day of adventure. With the help of the map, they head up the mountain to the little house.

Upon knocking on the door, a tiny old woman appears in the door way.

She invited everyone inside, but only Kalador, Glamrock, Conner, and Dirg entered the house.

Even though the house looks small from the outside, it seems extremely spacious inside. There is a huge fire and lots of smoke, although only small puffs can be seen on the outside. The old woman walks over to a large cauldron with ladle and stirs the soup within. "What can I do for your fellows?"

"We are looking for a passage to the peak. Can you help us?" Glamrock enthusiastically replies.

"Ah, the peak. Sure I know a way there. But you have to do something for me in return."

"What can we do for you?"

The old lady walks back to the four adventures and says, "There is a goblin village not far away from here. Within the village is a crystal horse." The ladle continues to stir even though the old woman has walked away.

Intrigued by the ladle, Dirg walked over and grab hold of it. He could feel some force, but eventually, the ladle stopped turning.

The old woman continues without any indication whether she is aware of Dirg, "Kill the goblins and bring me the crystal horse."

"Ummm. That sounds fine with us. We always like to get rid of pesky goblins."

"Good. When you are in the village, don't pay attention to the human-like structures that they have. It used to be a human village that the goblins took over by force." The old woman says as she retrieve some bowls.

She continues, "Ask your friends to come in for some soup, before you go on your way. How many are you?"

"Seven." Kalador replies.

Glamrock walks out the door and asks everyone to come in for some soup.

After everyone files into the house, they sit down at the large table, where the old woman provide a bowl to each adventurer.

While people talked away and the old woman ladles soup into everyone's bowl, Omex casts purify food and drink on his portion, making sure that the old woman doesn't see him doing it.

Everyone squares away the meal, which made them feel quite warm inside.

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