Eversummer Days

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Wiki: The Journey

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Scene 28: Lost in the Woods - Part 3

Three hours has passed and not a word from the monk.

"Should we go look for Shinsei?" The impatient dwarf speaks.

"No. We should stay put." The necromancer says coldly.

"I agree, we should stay." The warrior responds, then he whispers to the dwarf, "Talk to the priest again."

"I am going to pee." The dwarf left the lamp fire and headed into the woods.

As a newcomer, the halfling is quite intrigued with the dwarf's coming and going. He tails the dwarf into the woods.

After making sure that Viren isn't around, the dwarf activated the communication stone.

This time a clergyman, other than the powerful cleric answers, "Hello?"

"Hi, our friend, shinsei, headed out to your church hours ago, has he arrived?"

"Oh. Let me check."

The dwarf waited, not realizing that the halfling is only a few feet way.

A few minutes later, the clergyman came back and says, "Yup, the monk came by and gotten the map."

"Ah. Thank you." The dwarf puts away the stone and starts to pee, still unaware that the halfling is still watching.

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