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Scene 26: Lost in the Woods - Part 2

Back at the clearing, the group starts getting restless. "Should we go after Shinsei?" Glamrock asks impatiently.

"He's only been gone an hour."

"Yeah. Shinsei could take care of himself."

By then, Dirg his already started a small camp fire.

Getting no cooperation, Glamrock went into the woods to use the communication rock.

"Yes?" The powerful cleric answers.

"Our friend, Shinsei, has gone back to get a map in Northern Springs. But we are a little worried about his wellbeing."

"Not a worry. I will make sure he gets what you need."

Glamrock goes back to the edge of the clearing and motions Kalador and Omex to join him in the woods.

Glamrock says to Kalador and Omex, "We need to make up a believable story for Viren. He can't know where we are actually going."

Viren is reading his spell book intently by the fire.

"Where are your friends? I can't hear anything." A voice in his mind speaks.

"I don't Know." Viren replies annoyingly. "I am just trying to study my spells."

"Go find your friends." The wizard speaks demandingly.

Viren curses, but gets up reluctantly.

He walks into the woods and found his buddies. "Hey, what are you guys talking about?"

Both Kalador and Glamrock stop talking.

Omex pulls out his strap rusty knife and says, "You don't want to know."

"Why doesn't the necromancer like you?" The voice spoke slowly end deliberately in Viren's head.

Viren has a sickening look to it as the party goes back to the camp fire.

To Be Continued . . .

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