Eversummer Days

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Wiki: The Journey

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Scene 25: Naked Monk in the Forest

Traveling north, Shinsei bares the cold thick snow. His sense tells him that he is traveling in the right direction. But after surrounded by the trees and the snow for an hour, it makes any patient man wonder whether the traveled path is circular.

Foot prints. Shinsei sees foot prints. Are they his own? Has he gone this way before? He examines the foot prints.

He looks at his own feet. No, they are not the same.

Whispers. Shinsei hear whispers. Whose whispers?

What are then saying?

A lone goblin appears. "Hehehe, traveler, give us everything you got."

Shinsei laughs. "Hahaha. You can have everything." Shinsei extends both of his open palm, showing the goblin that he has nothing.

"Give us your robe. It is so thin. And it's all you are wearing in this harsh winter, it must be magical."

Shinsei takes off the robe. "Here you go." He hands over the robe, who takes it and put it away.

After putting the robe away, the goblin says, "Now you die."

Six other goblins reveal themselves to surround Shinsei's naked body.

"Alright. I want my robe back. Bring it on!"


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