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Wiki: The Journey

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Scene 24: Lost in the Woods - Part 1

After running for a while, seeing that they are in the clear, the group slows down to a more manageable pace. They traveled south toward the peak. But they are not on any path. About three hours after leaving Northern Springs, the snow is a foot and a half deep; traveling become more difficult.

"Does any one know where we are going?" The tired dwarf grumbled. "Do we even have a map?"

"No. But we are moving south. Anyone see the peak?" The mighty warrior answers.

"How about we eat something?" The little halting injects. "I had planned on getting a warm hot meal at Northern Springs." He proceeds to gather some wood to start a fire.

"How about we go back to the town and get a map?"

"Ok. You go. We will wait here." The pale necromancer answers unsympathically.

The dwarf looks displeased by the answer.

The buff monk jumps in, "I'll go. I'll get a map at northern springs."

The dwarf's eyes lights up again! "I'll go with you."

"No. You are too slow. You will only slow me down. I am going to travel like the wind. You stay here."

The dwaf's eyes dimmed again. And the monk is off before the dwarf's eyes dimmed completely.


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