Eversummer Days

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Wiki: The Journey

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Scene 21: Internal Conflict

Back at Northern Springs, Viren seems extremely reluctant about entering the city. Instead, he insisted on staying at the inn, while the rest of the party head out to the armory.

Omex buys a rusty old knife from the shopkeeper. He started sharpening it and muttering to himself, "Soon, Viren, you'll be freed of the cursed ring. And I'd see some flesh and bones." He grins.

Glamrock watches Omex alarmingly.

At the inn, on the other side of town . . . "Innkeeper, I'd like a room. Here are some gold pieces. I think I will meditate and learn some new spells. Please keep anyone from disturbing me."

Outside the inn, Glamrock, Shinsei, and Kalador conspired to subdue Viren. Viren had just been acting too weird lately. They felt that maybe the church could help remove the cursed ring.

"Omex, we are going to subdue Viren, but don't attack him, ok?" Glamrock says to Omex

"Oh. Alright." Omex answered disappointedly while eye'ing his sharp rusty knife.

Having a feeling that his buddies are up to no good, Viren started bracing the door to his bedroom.

But before he could push his desk to the door, Shinsei had already karate kicked the door open.

Kalador and Glamrock rushes in, while Omex keeps watch by the door way.

Viren kicked and screamed, but his comrades were just too fast and too strong for him to fend.

The party dragged Viren over to the church. The powerful cleric there identified the cursed ring as a slave ring that binds the victim to the master. Unfortunately the slave ring was too powerful for the cleric to remove. The only way to remove the ring was to kill the master.


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