Eversummer Days

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Wiki: The Journey

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Scene 20: Fruitless at Looting

While Glamrock researches at the Library, Kalador has a more rewarding idea in mind. He enters Sasha's store for a pillage. And immediately found some loot.

Just as he thought everything is going good, three guards show up in the store, surrounding Kalador, demanding to know what he is doing.

Kalador pushes down the guard closest to the door and ran out the door with the loot. He ran all the way back to the inn, where the rest of the party members are relaxing.

Knowing that the three guards are on the way, the party left the town of Thornier in a haste.

In the woods, on the way back to Northern Spring, a ranger stopped the party in its path. The ranger demanded that Kalador return the loot.

Being frustrated that the loot has brought on so much trouble, Kalador threw the bag of loot over to the ranger, hoping to avoid the headaches.

The ranger picked up the loot and disappears, but leaving two white wolves. Thus, entangling the party in gruesome battle to the finish.


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