Eversummer Days

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Wiki: The Journey

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Scene 19: Omen at Thornier

After an afternoon of nerve-wreck combat, the party decides to regroup at Thornier.

Glamrock decides to visit the local library to do some research. He finds a 3D holographic map that can be manipulated with crystals.

He looks at the map for Thornier, but finds nothing interesting, since he is already here.

He inserts a crystal for Northern Springs and finds that the town is still in disarray. He sees dead and frozen folks. There is still a shadow casted by something flying overhead.

Finally, he looks at the mountain peak that the party is to climb. "What could be expected?" He asks the map.

The map responds, "Legend. Hero. Treasure. Trap. Misfortune."

From the 3D holographic image, Glamrock sees some ruins, which sparks his interest.

"What is that ruin?" He asks the map.


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