Eversummer Days

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Scene 13: Fear in the Sky

After the party members returned to the whore house, they slept once again in the basement. The next morning, they were waken by lots of commotions upstairs.

Kalador is the first one to go up the stairs. Everyone else follows suit. Upstairs, people are running around. Most of them have gathered around the windows looking and pointing up at the sky in fear.

What do we do? The white dragon has come after us.

How do you know it's after us? Even if it is, we can just stay in the basement and stay out of harm's way.

It's a white dragon! It'll pick up the entire building!

Vieran puts on the white ring.

Omex: "You idiot!"

Kalador: "You idiot!"

Shinsei: "You idiot!"

Connor: "You idiot!"

Glamrock: "You idiot!"

After putting on the white ring, Vieran starts to think of the wizard.

Hi wizard, how are you?
I am fine. I have finally reached the southern town. It's much warmer out here.
Oh, that's great! We are at Northern Springs now. There is a white dragon flying over our heads.
Remember the story I told you folks.

In the mean time, Connor is "touring" the whore house, finding lots of loot, and using his three-finger discount technique.

Suddenly, the Mayor appears out of a trap door in the basement. He says, "Come follow me into the underground corridor." The party piles into the underground.


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