Eversummer Days

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Wiki: The Journey

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Scene 3: Gathering Woods

"There use to be tons of firewood here. I don't know what happened to them all. Looks like you guys will have to go chop some more."

Kalador, Omex, and Glemrock proceeded to search for firewood. They met some beggers on the side of the street with lots of firewood. They asked where the beggers came across those firewood and receives no response. They saw wagons full of folks leaving to chop wood. They decided to follow them. On the way, Kalador and Omex chatted and joked away. Strangely, Glemrock was awefully quiet, as if his face is stuck in a book. Nevertheless, they ended up outside the town after sun down. When they came back to the town gate, it was already closed.

Kalador looks up at the wall. At first, he wants to climb the wall with his rope. That is until he realizes the wall is forty feet high. Next, Omex yells, "Hey! There are people out here. Open up the gate." But there is no answer. Finally, Glemrock takes his face out of the imaginary book that he buries his face in and looks around. "What's this? A bell!" Glemrock pulls on the bell cord, notifies the guard inside the gate.

"What's this? You came back without any firewood? That's going to be five gold pieces each."


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