Eversummer Days

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Wiki: The Journey

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Act 1: The Aqueduct

Scene 1: The Inn

It's a new dawn in the town of Thornier. In a normally quiet inn, the adventure of our heroes are about to begin.

"Man this cobblestone room is cold!" Omex wakes up to a chill. He hears a bit of commotion outside.

So he decides to peek out the door.

He sees a little gnome walking by. It's the innkeeper. "Good day!" Omex tries to strike up a conversation. "It's a cold day," replies the innkeeper and keeps walking. Omex follows the innkeeper to the living room of the inn.

Meanwhile, in the living room of the inn . . .

"Where could a dwarf get a pint of ale around here?"

"I'll buy a round for everyone. Too bad the innkeeper isn't around!"

"You can't bribe me with your money. I donate everything to the poor. I am Shinsei."

As soon as the innkeeper enters the living room, Kalador moves in to ask, "How come it's so cold around here?" "Burrrrr, excuse me," replies the innkeeper, "I need to get our guests some more wood for the fire." The innkeeper walks away, leaving Omex and Kalador.

"Howdy stranger. I'm Omex."
"Good meeting you. I'm Kalador."
"Are you from around here?"
"Sure. I've been living in this town for a few years."
"Ah. I'm new in this town. Mind if I tag around? It'll help me get familiar with this town."
"No problem, Omex. Stick with me and I'll show you around."
"Ok. Is it normal for this town to be this cold?"
"No, it's quite strange that the chill has came so far south."

Pow! While Omex and Kalador are talking away, a sudden noise causes everyone in the living room to turn toward the doorway. A nobleman with two guards has just entered, knocking the gnome onto the floor. The innkeeper sits on the floor dumbfound, so Omex nudged him a little. "Oh," the innkeeper catches his que, picks himself up, and addresses the nobleman. "What can I do for you gentlemen?"

"I am the mayor of this town. We aren't getting any hot water in this town and the weather is growing extremely cold. I'm looking for a few good man to go out to the aqueduct with my engineer. I need a party of five."

"Is the Mayor always this clumsy?" Omex whispers to Kalador, referring to the innkeeper being knocked to the ground. Kalador chuckles.

Apparently the guard hears the dialogue and starts to draw his sword. The mayor gestures a "stop" motion with his right hand and says, "There is a reward of 500 gold pieces for this work. 250 gold pieces up front, and 250 gold pieces when you finish the job."

"Pick me . . . uh . . . we'll do it. There are five of us here. We'll take the job."

The mayor throws a pouch to Viren. It seems hefty. "Good. Be ready in two days. My gnome engineer will be here for you early in the morning." He turns and leaves with his two guards.

"Glamrock, what you say you and I toast to our new friends and new found fortune with some ale?" "Aye, that sounds like a wonderful ideas. How about it, Shinsei?"


"Are you folks staying another night? It's gonna be five gold pieces for each of ya. Or you can stay for free if you help me gather some firewood . . ."

"Omex and I will help you gather some fire wood," says Kalador.

"Count me in, too. A dwarf won't want to sit around doing nothing for the rest of the day."

"I don't want to go anywhere. It's nice and warm in here. Here is five gold pieces, sir."


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