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Wiki: Kingdom of Eliador: Moors of Sorrow

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The Moors of Sorrow

Alas, the Moors of Sorrow. An utter wasteland of swampy marsh, dead vegetation, and unsavory inhabitants. The entirety of the moors is encompassed within the bounds of the Crescent Forest, and stretches out to the EastWind Mountains and down to the cliffs overlooking the sea. Its noxious fumes boil up from the bottom of its swamps, releasing the stench of rotting trees and the corpses of all who have dared venture through. But this was not always so...

Nearly one thousand years ago this great marsh was once all a forested region(including what is now the crescent forest), called the Selvana Lunatis, named so for the moon elves that had dwelled there. They had raised a mighty city in the midst of the forest, named Quel' Lunata, sister city to Quel' Thalas, the home of the high elves in the Loth-Lorien Woodlands. There they reveled in life and celebrated in the eve, worshipping their benevolent goddess of the night. There they excelled in music, astronomy, and the arts arcana, specializing in the elements of nature and frost. They were masters of the bow and delighted in their beautiful displays of swordplay. Nearly all of this had come to an abrupt halt upon the arrival of the burning one, the bastard son of the Abyss, Lekirem of Tash and his fiery minions.

Known as the "March of Conflagration", Lekirem led his fearsome horde down from the EastWind Mountains and into the Selvana Lunatis, leaving a burning path in his wake. Where once stood proud, tall trees that contained a touch of sylvan magic, now stood charred shadows, full of brittle limbs and black charcoal. When the demon horde had at last arrived at the gates of Quel' Lunata, the moon elves put up a valiant defense. But even they with their magic and cunning swordplay, could not stand up long against the blazing onslaught. Many elves perished in the unholy flames of Lekirem; Quel' Lunata was reduced to smoldering ruins. The survivors of the once great elven city fled to the far west end of the forest. In a matter of weeks the Selvana Lunatis went up in flames, nearly four-fifths of its wood burned to the ground. Only the area now known as the Crescent Forest remains, with the location of the surviving moon elven community still unknown. I know they have not completely perished for I have seen a few moon elves venture out from the wood from time to time. They go forth, wandering the villages and cities of the kingdom, some even have settled in the Loth-Lorien Woodlands, where they have been welcomed in by their cousins the high elves.

Before then, every year the snows in the EastWind Mountains would melt in the springtime, the water flowing down to the Selvana Lunatis, providing the woodlands with rich minerals and nutrients. However that following year there were no longer any woodlands to nourish, the widespread desolation and death had spoiled the ground with stench and decay. With no strong living roots from the once great sylvan trees in the soil to soak it up, the water became stagnant, and slowly over time the land became a darker, marshier realm, a land of unmarked graves for those who had dared stand up to the abyssal horde.

To this day no one knows why Lekirem and his hordes did not completely destroy the Selvana Lunatis, of these things I have contemplated much. But one thing I do know is thus far no one who has dared venture out to find the ruins of Quel' Lunata has come back to share their tale. There are rumors that say that a large tribe of trolls have taken residence in the moors, or that it is now infested by deadly wild-life, or even that the long dead moon elves have risen from their shallow, watery graves to reclaim Quel' Lunata once again for themselves. Perhaps one or more of these rumors are true. Or perhaps none. Of these things I have not the desire to find out for myself.

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