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Wiki: Kingdom of Eliador

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To whomever reads this journal, greetings! My name is Quindle Barageth, cartographer, lover and troubadour extraordinare. All my life I have spent traveling the Kingdom of Eliador, visiting its various cities, tasting of its fine delicacies and pleasing the crowds with my mastery of the mandolin. However I consider myself first and foremost a connoisseur of both fine wines and women. If you find these pages in your hands it may be that I lost it in a game of chance, or perhaps I gave it away when I was too sloshed to know any better, or it may be that I have met an untimely demise at the hands of a jilted lover(I have no regrets, a life well spent!). Either way I am overjoyed to impart some of the wisdom I accumulated over the years and hope that some young strapping lad, like I once was, would use it to find his way around this world that I have so enjoyed.

Good luck, fellow traveler!

Map of Eliador

Kingdom of Eliador Discussion Forum

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