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Wiki: Kingdom of Eliador: Goktar

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The City of Goktar

Once upon a time 200 years ago, an elven scouting patrol ran across a small orc encampment on the western side of the Loth-Lorien Woodlands. They had decided to raid the encampment and dispatch every last orc. This they did with ruthless efficiency, until the leader of the scouting party, a female elf name GlimFindle, found a small baby orc boy hidden under a pile of refuse in a tent. Hearing the baby orc cry, she drew blade to kill it, but found that she did not have the heart to do so. She then ordered the rest of her party not to destroy it, but to bring it back to Quel' Thalas, to have Lord Elbereth decide what to do with it. This act was setting a precedence, for before the duty of an elf was always to kill orcs without question. She had somehow felt that this one had deserved a better fate.

And so, the baby orc was taken before Lord Elbereth, who after much contemplation, not wanting to go against Glimfindle's wishes(for Glimfindle was his daughter) decided to have the baby orc raised by her, in an area far from their city, as an experiment to see if the nature of an orc was to be wicked. This they did, and in a matter of a few years, the baby orc matured to adulthood. To their astonishment they found the orc to be quite docile, but on occasion prone to fits of anger. Lord Elbereth found this quite fascinating and started having more and more elves take in orphaned orcs from their raiding excursions, to be raised in a manner after a more goodly race, though the way of the elves were kept secret from them. In time they started taking in bugbears as well, and other monster kin.

Lord Elbereth saw it fit that he should share his discovery with the king of Eliador, who had thought it quite dangerous and foolish at first, but was no less intrigued by what was transpiring. By the time the first orc was reaching a venerable age(in years closer to that of a man than an elf), the elves made him chieftain of this new tribe. The elves decided that they did not want the new tribe to stay in the forest, for fear that they would be destroyed by roaming orc bands, or worse: learning of the evil ways of their kin. The king of Eliador and Lord Elbereth thought long and hard on this, and the decision was made to allow them to inhabit the deserted city of Kelendar. It was a city that was ravaged 50 years before by the plague and remained deserted due to lingering fears. The wooden homes were easily repairable and the stone buildings required little effort to maintain. It also had a labyrinth of sewers beneath to wash away filth.

So then the tribe of "goodly" monsters were led to the city by their first chieftain, Goktar, after whom the city was then named after. 100 years had passed, and Goktar established strong relations with the rest of the kingdom, enjoying a time of prosperous trade and wealth. At this time it was thought that the kingdom was on the verge of a golden age, where all humans, elves, dwarves(well maybe not dwarves!) and monster kin could enjoy peace and tranquility after many millenia of constant war.

But as the second hundred years waned on, greed, betrayal, pride(the weaknesses of men) began to take hold upon the inhabitants of Goktar. They also began to remember the old ways of their kin. Murder and thievery became a everyday occurrence. Gangs of monsters began to roam the streets in broad daylight. This gave rise to much corruption in Goktar, the old peaceful way gone. The king of Eliador at that time grew very concerned and assigned a contingent of guards there to try and maintain the peace. He also appointed a magistrate in an effort to reverse the events that were occurring. But by then it was too late.

As they say about Goktar nowadays, "You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." All the evil that was coming into Goktar gave rise to a group known as the Dark Claw. They formed under the guise of a gang of monsters, just like any other, but secretly they are T'anari cultists, worshipping demons of the Abyss. They especially rever Lekirem of Tash, the burning one, the bastard son of the Abyss. He who was defeated a thousand years ago and now whose resurrection they seek. They are picking up their pace in manifesting their designs, I fear it won't be long until they attempt something devasting...

Many rumors say the Dark Claw operates from the bowels of the sewers under Goktar. I did some investigation and found this out for myself. They have most entrances to the sewers watched by hidden guards, and kill any who trespass. I did, however, find an alternate entrance to the east of the city. It is an old unused sewer grate, near a stream. Perhaps I may have use for it someday...

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