Land of Nordock

Player's Guide

Written by Marc "richterm" Richter


Updated October 31, 2002


So you want to travel in the land of Nordock, eh? It's a dangerous place, full of mystery, monsters and a dark shadow that seeks to overcome the land. To the brave adventure comes fame, glory and riches. Or perhaps just the chance to live another day...


Nordock is a Persistent World. This means that many people can play it at once and all these players can work together, go off on their own or even fight one another. Rather than a linear adventure, the world operates more like an open-ended MUD or a massive online game like Everquest.


This open-ended nature may confuse the new visitor, so this guide is offered to attempt to shed some light.


A few things first:



For additional help setting up the module, please feel free to visit and come to the Nordock Public Release forum.


Ok, enough of that. What does a player need to know?


Well, first off, there are 3 distinct "player factions" in the land....Drow, Duergar and everyone else. All three factions dislike each other. NPCs of the opposing factions MAY try to kill you. So if you're a cute little Halfling, don't go strolling around the Drow sections of the Underdark. All 3 factions have their own start and respawn may play a Drow and never see a human (well, that's unlikely, but possible)


To play as a Drow, create an Elf character and type Drow in the subrace field.

To play as a Duergar, create a Dwarf character and type Duergar in the subrace field.


Other 3rd edition subraces are supported based on the Hard Core Ruleset subrace system. This information can be found at


Once you have created your character, you will appear in the Entrance. This is a special neutral area. You will be stripped of gear and gold and given a somewhat random starting amount. The Newbie store will automatically appear. Don't close it, as you have one chance to shop.


Spend wisely, but here are some good things to buy:



Your character will be given 1 food ration and a bedroll. These are needed to rest. With the bedroll, you can rest every 4 game hours. Without it, you can only rest every 24 hours. You need food every time you can either buy food or get it from hunting (thus the skinning knife and oil)


Once you are done shopping, take a moment to read any signs that your host may have put up.


Click on the Server Guide statue and he will start talking to you about the land. Feel free to ask him questions and try to soak up some information. Once ready, tell him to send you in!


You will be sent to your start location....Benzor, the Underdark (for Drow) or the Duergar caverns (for Duergar). Once there, the adventure is up to you!


Some hints...




Nordock uses a limited resting system, to provide a more realistic world. The rules are very simple:


Food can be purchased at many stores and bars. It can be found on monsters. You can also hunt for your food. Many animals in the world are "skinnable", such as bats, deer, badgers, various cats and bears. If you kill one of these animals and then equip your skinning knife, clicking on the corpse will cause you to skin the critter. You will gain some hide (for the tanning skill) and some raw meat.


Raw meat needs to be cooked to be turned into food. There are ovens in certain places (the tanning ovens cannot be used to cook) but the most common way to cook is with a campfire. Merely "use" a flask of oil and then select a spot on the ground to make the fire. You can then use each piece of raw meat on the fire to cook it. The fire will not last forever, so it's best to build up a small supply of meat to cook.


Nordock uses the most excellent Ambrosia Tradeskill System. While not a mandatory thing for characters to do, tradeskills allow players to craft armor, weapons and other items. The main quest will require certain special crafted items, so someone is going to need to spend some time at the anvil.


Trade skills are "learned by doing". First, visit a trade skill master and pay for basic training. He or she will provide you with basic instruction and recipe books. From this point, you must seek out the raw materials for your trade and build your skills by using the tools and recipes to practice.



Nordock uses the Hard Core Rogue rules. This means a few things:



There are many quests in the land. However, the Journal is not used. I'm an old school gamer, crusty in my ways, and I think that the Journal sometimes provides too much hand holding. Sorry.


That should be enough to get you started. Included with the Public Release of Nordock is now a map of the land. It's not very detailed, but give the traveler some idea of where things are.