Eversummer Days

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The Bloodstone Tomb

You and your companions are traveling through the wilderness when you came upon a terrible sight. In and open field in the shadow of a rocky hill, you the shattered remains of a merchant caravan. Overturned wagons, scattered crates of vegetables and crafts, slaughtered horses and packed animals, and a variety of broken weapons litter the area. It's obvious a fierce battle took place here in the recent past, as wet blood paints the shattered wagons and spoiled goods. There are no bodies, however. Not one merchant or caravan guard can be spotted among the wreckage. Then you noticed an opening in the hillside nearby. It isn't a cave. It's a stone doorway, open to the darkness within. From somewhere inside that dark doorway, you hear a pitiful scream. "Help me!" the frightened voice pleads. "Please help me!"

Version: 1.0
Suggested Level: Any
Number of Players: Any

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