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Rescuing Marty

I've created an online character sheet for Zenny with Liink and Cyno's Dice for Cirqo...

Just to show what's possible, I ran another one of Zenny's famous exploits where he rescued his friend Marty from an incompetent guard!

I went ahead and typed the stuff in since we weren't on Teamspeak or anything...

Here's how it went:

dm_milania: (06:52:10) OK, we're online... Zenny. You're in a dark hallway. As your informant told you, there's a guard sleeping outside the door leading into the jail. He hasn't seen you yet... What do you do?
dm_milania: (06:52:53) Zenny?
cynosdice: (06:53:20) Zenny rolls 1D20 + 18 for Move Silently Check. Result is 9. Total is 27.
dm_milania: (06:55:04) OK Zenny, you easily sneak up on the sleeping guard without drawing his attention. The fat guy is snoring and sitting on a simple metal chair. His keyring obviously visible on his belt.
zenny: (06:55:51) Alright then, very slowly and carefully, I'll slip the keys off of his belt.
dm_milania: (06:58:48) I thought you might. Make your sleight of hand check... you'll just need an 18 since he's asleep.
cynosdice: (06:58:54) Zenny rolls 1D20 + 15 for Sleight of Hand Check. Result is 6. Total is 21.
dm_milania: (07:00:04) OK, he let's out a loud snore... you freeze momentarily, but realize it's just the fat slob failing to breathe well. You have the key and the hallway is silent. There's a big heavy woden door at the back of the room.
zenny: (07:01:05) OK, I'll continue moving silently to the door... I'll carefully search it for traps... taking a 10, that'll give me a 22 on my search check.
dm_milania: (07:01:56) OK, that's fine, but you still have to roll the move silently... since the guard's asleep, just don't roll a 1.
cynosdice: (07:02:01) Zenny rolls 1D20 + 18 for Move Silently Check. Result is 15. Total is 33.
dm_milania: (07:02:58) Nice roll! OK, you quickly search the door and identify a simple trap in the lock. You'll need a 15 to disable this primitive trap.
cynosdice: (07:03:06) Zenny rolls 1D20 + 13 for Open Lock Check. Result is 12. Total is 25.
dm_milania: (07:03:51) Good... The key can now be used safely... It looks like the big brass key will do the trick.
zenny: (07:04:34) OK, since I have the key, I won't bother to pick the lock... before I open it I want to listen for noise on the other side.
cynosdice: (07:04:57) Zenny rolls 1D20 + 1 for Listen Check. Result is 16. Total is 17.
zenny: (07:06:14) You hear a faint tapping noise... It seems to be rather regular, like someone tapping their foot restlessly or something similar.
zenny: (07:07:35) I'll quietly place the key in the lock, then before I turn it, I'll draw my rapier. Then I'll turn the key and get in the room as quickly and quietly as I can.
zenny: (07:07:57) and I'll lock the door behind me unless I'm attacked immediately.
dm_milania: (07:08:52) OK, here we go... rapier drawn, you unlock the door... It makes a loud click, waking up the guard behind you, but you manage to get in and lock the door behind you.
dm_milania: (07:09:56) The tapping noise was your friend Marty tapping his foot impatiently waiting for your rescue, he's in the only locked cage to the right. You have about 1 minute, maybe two before that guard gets back with backup and a spare key.
marty: (07:11:20) Zenny! It's about time you showed up... Hurry up and get me out of here!!! They're going to cut my hand off!
zenny: (07:12:20) Marty! You foolish thief, I told you not to steal from a wizard! I'll have you out of there in a sec. (Turns to DM) I'll try each key on the ring other than that big brass one that worked on the jail door.
dm_milania: (07:13:41) The luck of Yondalla must be with you tonight... You found the right key to his cell on the first try... You quickly open it. You can hear yelling beyond the door, faint... for now.
zenny: (07:14:29) OK, I quickly open the prison door with the brass key! Let's get out of here!
dm_milania: (07:15:50) OK, the only problem is it appears that the trap re-armed itself when you locked the door. You hear a click and a hiss... Make a fortitude save versus traps... (You'll need a20)
cynosdice: (07:15:58) Zenny rolls 1D20 + 5 for Fortitude Save vs. Trap. Result is 18. Total is 23.
dm_milania: (07:16:40) Whew... you made it and the door swings open... Now the only known way out is the hallway leading down from the main tower... there's ring noises of many heavy boots approaching rapidly from that way.
zenny: (07:18:16) Quickly scanning for another way out!! Marty and I are tiny halflings, so we can fit through small openings! We're also quite acrobatic as you know from our profession
cynosdice: (07:18:27) Zenny rolls 1D20 - 1 for Spot. Result is 17. Total is 16.
dm_milania: (07:19:42) OK, that's a good check... There's a tiny window about 10 feet up conveniently right over a barrel... I think the guard wanted the breeze from outside... You'll need a climb and jump checks both of 15 to get out safely... I'll roll for Marty.
dm_milania: (07:21:22) You better hurry too, you can make out voices now, and there's more than a few... they could burst into the prison foyer at any moment.
cynosdice: (07:21:39) Zenny rolls 1D20 + 10 for Climb Check. Result is 13. Total is 23.
cynosdice: (07:22:10) Zenny rolls 1D20 + 8 for Jump Check. Result is 19. Total is 27.
dm_milania: (07:23:54) Wow, you made great rolls, but Marty wasn't so lucky on his jump... It appears that gas is affecting him, as his face is green! He got onto the barrel OK, but he didn't jump high enough to get out the window... You managed to grab his arm, but until you make a strength check of 15, you won't be able to pull him up.
dm_milania: (07:24:18) Guards burst into the room, make your first check now, good luck!
cynosdice: (07:24:33) Zenny rolls 1D20 + 2 for Strength Check. Result is 13. Total is 15.
dm_milania: (07:25:29) Wow, that's lucky, you pull him through the window just as guards reach up to try to grab him... your rescue is a success!

Marty did manage to recover the crazy wizard's map to the fabled Rock Troll's gem quarry, but that's an adventure for another day!

Mon, 08 Mar 2010 23:17:35 +0000

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Title: Cyno's Dice
Weblog: Cynosure.X International
Excerpt: Just recently, my friend show-cased how to use Liink, Cyno's Dice, and Cirqo collectively to run an old school RPG adventure online. The adventure's main character was a courageous rogue, named Zenny. Read the "Rescuing Marty" adventure to join Zenny on his daring mission.
Tracked: Tue, 09 Mar 2010 00:55:25 +0000

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